Freshmen – Planning Your First Semester

Welcome to the NYU Shanghai Class of 2023!This website will guide you through the registration process for the Fall 2019 semester. Please read all the content included here. If you have any questions about this registration process, don’t hesitate to contact the academic advising office at
1. Academic Interests

First, think about what academic disciplines you are interested in pursuing at this time. The introduction and requirements of each major offered at NYU Shanghai can be found here. NYU Shanghai embraces the idea of a liberal arts education. Students do not have majors in the first year. Thus, we encourage you to take advantage of your first year in college as a chance to try out different subjects and see what might be right for you. However, it would be helpful for your academic planning if you review our majors’ requirements and start to think about several intended majors. In the required Academic Advising Module, you will be asked to indicate 1-3 majors you are most interested in studying at this moment. 

2. Course Selection for First Year Students

Carefully read the “Freshmen Course Selection” page to get an idea of what your first-semester course load can look like depending on the disciplines that you are interested in. You can also find courses open to you in fall 2019 on the same page. Please note that you can only enroll in courses that are listed on the open courses page. 

3. Global Perspectives on Society (GPS) Assignment

You will be assigned to one GPS lecture and one GPS recitation in late July. You will be notified about your GPS assignment once it is available in Albert. Special care and certain criteria go into the scheduling of your GPS lecture and recitation. Therefore, you will not be able to change your assignment.

4. Course Enrollment

Once you have a good understanding of the curriculum and the course offerings, following the following steps in order to successfully enroll in courses:


a) Go to Albert and add the courses you would like to take in Fall 2019 into your shopping cart (instruction here). Pay special attention to any potential time conflicts, particularly with your GPS course, which cannot be changed. Please refer here for instructions on how to add courses to Albert shopping cart (you cannot enroll in courses at this moment). 


b) Optional: Discuss your course plan with an academic advisor. If you have any questions and would like to schedule a meeting to discuss your course schedule with an academic advisor, you can email


c) Checklist for adding courses into shopping cart 

  • Did you add your Chinese course? 
  • Did you add your math course?
  • Did you check the schedule of each course you picked and make sure there is no time conflict?
  • Did you have back up sections for your Chinese/Math courses, and alternate courses for your electives?
  • Can you validate all the courses you have put into your shopping cart (how to validate a course?). 


d) Email after you finish adding courses into your shopping cart. 


e) Register classes at your designated enrollment time. Instructions on how to enroll in courses can be found here. Please make sure to drop your 8-credit “NYU Shanghai FT Enrollment course” first before you register for other courses -- see instructions here.

5. Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions regarding course registration, check out the “Frequently Asked Questions” page to see if there is an answer already there. If you can’t find an answer on that page, don’t hesitate to email the Academic Advising Office at