Skill Guides

These skill guides are meant to be resources to support in your strategy and preparation for employment and further education.


A resume is a summary of your abilities, accomplishments, and experiences. Its main purpose is to persuade a potential employer to bring you in for an interview. We recommend that you have a career counselor critique your resume before using it. It is never too early to get started!

English Resume Guide
Chinese Resume Guide

Cover Letter

A cover letter is an opportunity to fill in the blanks from your resume. Through a cover letter, you set yourself apart from other candidates by showing a potential employer the depth of your experience.

English Cover Letter Guide
Chinese Cover Letter Guide


Although the interview process is an anxiety-provoking experience for many people, it is actually nothing more than a mutual exchange of information. This is your opportunity to learn about the job and the employer, as much as it is their opportunity to learn about you.

Interview Guide
Virtual Interview Guide


Networking is a great opportunity for you to learn more about a specific career and connect with individuals within your field of interests. Tools such as LinkedIn can help you develop professional relationships and create a network of professional resources. It is highly possible that you can get your job from effective networking!

Networking Guide
Informational Interview Guide
Building a LinkedIn Profile
Do More With Your LinkedIn
Networking While Abroad (Webinar | PPT Slides | Resource Sheet)


Vault - Career guides, employer profiles and rankings, discussion boards, industry blogs and news.
InterviewStream - A web-based interview training tool that allows you to practice, record, review, and share video-taped interviews, as well as providing tips.