Resources for Internship & Job Search

Finding a job or internship can feel overwhelming at times. The Career Development Center is here to give you the tools to find the opportunities that are right for you.

Choosing a direction to go in your career depends on a number of different variables. We provide professional, individualized career guidance and support throughout the career exploration process. We can help you identify career interests, explore professional goals, and discuss job search strategies in your specific area of interest. Career assessment tools are also available to students who need additional guidance in identifying appropriate career options.

  • Vault - Career guides, employer profiles and rankings, discussion boards, industry blogs and news.
  • GoinGlobal - Country and city guides, H1B information, job postings.
  • InterviewStream - A web-based interview training tool that allows you to practice, record, review, and share video-taped interviews, as well as providing tips.
  • LinkedIn - Professional groups, companies, alumni, channels, influencers, student jobs.
  • LinkedIn NYU Alumni Club in Shanghai - Alumni and students welcome to join and network
  • NYU Library Resources - Specific recommended databases/websites in respective Industry Guides.

US/Global Job Boards:,,,
China Job Boards:,,
Salary Research:,,,

Applying for Internships While Abroad:
Webinar PowerPoint slides (PDF) | Resource Sheet