Career Fairs & On Campus Recruitment

Career Fairs

Hosted twice a year, career fairs gives students a convenient opportunity to meet a large number of organizations recruiting for internship and full-time positions. Representatives from various industries are ready to provide information about their organization and what type of talent they are looking to recruit. Start preparing for Career Fair from reviewing our NYU Shanghai Skill Guides!

On Campus Recruitment

The On-Campus Recruitment (OCR) Program is a series of 1-hour information sessions held at NYU Shanghai by employers. Employers from various industries will network and recruit NYU Shanghai talent through OCR sessions.

Companies visit the NYU Shanghai campus to give general information about their organization, industry and available positions. We strongly urge you to attend all the information sessions held by companies in which you have an interest, as employer presentations are a great opportunity to network with a variety of companies. To view the company presentation schedule, see the Career Development Center's OrgSync page.

Students participating in OCR Employer Presentation Sessions are encouraged to take advantage of the CDC’s career coaching and job search resources. Having a polished resume, a powerful cover letter, and perfecting your interviewing and professional networking skills are the keys to success in a job or internship search.

Honor Code

By participating in an On Campus Recruitment session, students agree to the following statements:

  1. All information found on my resume, unofficial transcript, NYU Shanghai CareerNet profile and other social media platforms is up-to-date, truthful and accurate.
  2. I will not share my login information with other individuals from NYU and peer institutions.
  3. I give permission to OCR to provide my resume and other job search documents to prospective employers.
  4. I will honor all interview and employer commitments.
  5. I will sign up for on-campus or off-campus interviews with only those employers for whom I am interested in working.
  6. I will exercise professional conduct during any and all recruitment related activities, including interactions with the NYU Shanghai staff.
  7. I will notify the employer on a timely basis of acceptance or non-acceptance of an offer, either verbally or in writing.
  8. I will withdraw myself from the recruiting process after accepting an offer by notifying OCR immediately.
  9. Jobs listed in NYU Shanghai CareerNet may not be shared with another recruiting entity or posted to another job site.
  10. I accept that failure to adhere to the OCR honor code may result in the termination of my interview privileges.

Reneging on an Offer

To renege on an offer is to accept an internship or job offer, either verbally or in writing, and then rescind your commitment at a later date. Students who have accepted an offer from a company and then renege on an offer will be required to meet with the Dean of Students. Furthermore, students who renege on an internship opportunity will lose access to NYU Shanghai CareerNet for the remainder of the semester. Students who renege on a full-time opportunity will lose access to NYU Shanghai CareerNet and all On Campus Recruitment sessions for the remainder of the academic year.

Offer Acceptance

If you have accepted an offer from a company that originally prompted the opportunity through NYU or NYU Shanghai CareerNet, you may not accept any additional offers. If you have secured offer in the United States, and this offer is contingent on a competitive visa process, you may continue recruiting for non-US based positions through NYU Shanghai CareerNet. However, you may not accept any additional offers unless your initial offer becomes void. If you do accept multiple offers, you will be required to meet with the Dean of Students. Furthermore, if you have accepted multiple internship offers, your access to NYU Shanghai CareerNet will be removed through the end of the semester. If you have accepted multiple full-time offers, you will lose access to NYU and NYU Shanghai CareerNet for the remainder of the academic year. Additionally, all relevant stakeholders will be notified.