Living in Jinqiao

Living in Jinqiao

Jinqiao 金桥 (literally translated to Golden Bridge) is the town where NYU Shanghai students can call their home for the next few years. Near the residence halls are multiple malls and local stores that students will quickly adopt into their daily lives.The area contains a relatively high proportion of foreign nationals and is notable for its large number of International Schools and comfortable environment.

Living in Jinqiao

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Led by a team of highly experienced security professionals and staffed by trained security practitioners, NYU Shanghai Department of Public Safety operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

To ensure the safety of all the residents in the Residence Halls, students must carry and use their NYU Card to tap in of NYU Shanghai residence halls at all times. If the NYU Card is not presented and used to tap into a residence hall, the Public Safety officer is required to confirm the identity of the student and document the missing NYU Card before the student is allowed access to the residence hall. If a student fails to present an NYU Card, the student will be required to complete a sign-in form prior to accessing the residence hall. After 6 failures to present the NYU Card (tapping in) administrative processing fees will be charged.

There is also a billingual guard in Tower 2 stationed at NYU Shanghai Residence Halls in case a student needs help communicating an issue that needs Mandarin to be resolved.

Common Spaces on Campus

NYU Shanghai offers many different spaces for students to study on campus. In Tower 2, we have a computer lab open 24/7 with access to printing. Across the computer lies another spacious room for students to use. In Tower 3 and 4, there are multiple common rooms that students can use for a quiet place to study among other activities as well.