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Events Committee

The Events Committee is responsible for planning and hosting university-wide activities. Past events have included Spring Formal, Carnival of the Dead, and the annual NYU Shanghai Dumpling Festival.

External Affairs Committee

The External Affairs Committee manages Student Government relationships with businesses, NYU alumni, and other universities.

Global Affairs Committee

The Global Affairs Committee works to implement initiatives across the NYU network, and to create opportunities for NYU Shanghai to collaborate with other organizations worldwide.

Presidential Committee

The Presidential Committee assists the Student Government President and Vice President with secretarial, financial, and marketing-related duties for Student Government. 

Student Life & Residence Committee

The Student Life and Residence (SLR) Committee is responsible for representing student interests in regular meetings with staff aimed at improving the student experience at NYU Shanghai.

Student Organizations Committee

The Student Organizations Committee (also known as the Clubs Committee) serves as the mechanism for the governance of all student clubs. The Student Orgnaizations Committee is responsible for club funding, recognition, new club development, and general support of club life at NYU Shanghai.