1. About NYUCard

The NYUCard is a must for all NYU Faculty, Staff and Students. The card allows cardholders to authenticate on three campuses and eleven academic centers in the New York University Global Education System (GNU) during access control, catering, print billing, book lending, and campus transportation.

The NYUCard should be carried at all times while on campus.
If you separate from NYU for any reason, you must return your card, which is the property of the University, to the Card Center prior to your departure in order to avoid the assignment of any future fees. 

Do Not Lend This Card to Anyone at Any time for Any Reason 
You can be subject to disciplinary proceedings if you are involved in fraudulent use of a NYUCard. 

2. Validity

The month and year expiration date printed below your photo on your NYUCard represents the date on which your NYUCard will automatically expire.
If you are a current, registered student and the date on your NYUCard has expired or is about to expire, please go to the registration office to update your student status information so that the Public Safety can prepare a new card for you.
If you are an employee or a professor, you must go to the Human Resources to update your information, in order to be issued a replacement. 

Electronic access privileges are assigned on a semester basis and are based on several factors; therefore, your card may not work even if the card date is valid.

3. NYUCard Replacement

If your NYUCard is lost, damaged, expired or stolen, please report to the NYU Shanghai Department of Public Safety as soon as possible so as to replace it in time.

The process of replacing the campus card 
a. The applicant goes to the Command Center of the Ministry of Public Security to fill out the application form
b. The applicant will go to the Finance Department to pay the replacement card fee (there is no need to pay the card-free fee) by mail which accepts the replacement card sent by the Ministry of Public Safety.
c.After payment, the applicant will hand over the financial receipt to the Command Center of the Ministry of Public Safety.
d. The Ministry of Public Safety will print a new campus card within 2 working days and sends a card notification.
e. After receiving the notice from the Ministry of Public Safety, the applicant will go to the Command Center of the Ministry of Public Safety to obtain the card.

4. NYUCard Access Level

Academic Building: automatically authorized by default during the card valid period.
Residence Hall: authorized by Office of Student Life according to the accommodation and management needs.
Offices and Laboratories: authorized by various departments or laboratories.

Should you have any question, please contact Public Safety 24/7 at +86-21-2059 5500 or shanghai.publicsafety@nyu.edu.