Fitness Center Policies

Members must have an NYU Student ID to access the Fitness Center.

  1. Athletic attire, including shirts and athletic shoes, is required at all times. No street clothes, sandals, slippers, or any type of boots will be allowed. Do not change clothes in the Fitness Center. Use the locker rooms.
  2. No personal property is allowed in the Fitness Center. Use the lockers to store your personal belongings. Lockers are to be used only while members are at the Fitness Center. Locks are available for checkout at the front desk.
  3. Members are fully responsible for personal items that are lost, stolen, or damaged at the Fitness Center. NYU Shanghai is not rsponsible for any loss or damange of personal items.
  4. Food and drink is not allowed in the Fitness Center. Water bottles may be used if they are made of nonbreakable material and contain only water or sports drinks.
  5. Wipe off equipment after every use.
  6. Be polite. Share machines. Members may not occupy a machine between sets if another member is waiting to use that machine.
  7. During peak hours, use of aerobic training machines is limited to 25 minutes, which includes cooldown.
  8. Any abuse of the equipment is not allowed.
  9. Ease weights into position on the machines and do not allow them to slam down.
  10. No personal trainers or guests are allowed in the Fitness Center.
  11. No horseplay is allowed.
  12. No profane or boisterous language is allowed.
  13. The use of cameras and mobile devises inside the locker rooms is not allowed.
  14. If equipment malfunctions, do not attempt to fix it. Notify the Fitness Center attendant.
  15. To regulate and maintain safety, obey fitness attendants at all times.
  16. Fitness attendants have the authority to expel anyone found violating any Fitness Center's rules.


Note: The right of final interpreation of these policies belongs to NYU Shanghai.