Registering for Classes - for Students Studying away out of Shanghai

Fall 2019 course offerings are now available in Albert Course Search! If you are an NYU Shanghai student and are currently at a study away location/going to study away, please follow the registration steps as listed below.

If you will study in Shanghai in Fall 2019, please follow the instruction here.

STEP 1: Check your Registration Appointment Time

Registration appointments take place during the week of April 15.


Please check your own specific registration appointment time in the Albert Student Center. It will appear on the lower right corner under “Enrollment Dates” of your Student Center Academics page. (Click here for help in finding it.) Note that times are in U.S. Eastern Time (New York Time) so you'll need to convert the time to Shanghai time. Mark the exact time on your calendar so you will be ready to enroll as soon as your registration window opens! 

STEP 2: Check your Degree Progress Report in Albert

Check your Degree Progress Report in Albert (instructions here) to see what requirements you have left to complete your degree.


Let your advisor know right away if you find any discrepancies or mistakes in the report so that they can ask the Albert team to fix it. If you have questions about degree requirements and what courses fulfill which requirements information, you should refer to the All Majors Requirements Record spreadsheets for your Bulletin year (2016-2017/2017-2018) (There are tabs for each Major and Year).

STEP 3: Research Suitable Courses

Based on your current degree progress and the course offerings at your study away site, select courses you would like to take in Fall 2019. Pay attention to the following points while making your schedule:


a. Make sure you have fulfilled the prerequisite(s) of your selected courses.


b. Check the schedule of each course to avoid time conflicts.


c. Check what the course fulfills for your degree. Refer to the Courses Satisfying Shanghai Degree Requirements and the All Majors Requirements Record spreadsheets for your Bulletin year (2016-2017/2017-2018) to see which requirement(s) a course could fulfill. The course list for NY is not exhaustive. If a course is not listed on the spreadsheets above, you can have it evaluated by filling out this Course Evaluation Form. Your advisor will contact you with the evaluation result.


d. Make sure you will be staying on track to graduate on time. You are strongly recommended to take into consideration your Spring 2020 semester (whether studying away or in SH) and senior year plan while planning for the Fall 2019 semester. Keep in mind that you need to fulfill all the core, major, and language requirements and pass at least 128 credits by the end of your senior year to graduate on time.

STEP 4: Very Important: Validate your Selected Courses

Please note that only courses that did not validate because of the following reasons will be considered to determine if permission codes are needed.


  • Not meeting the course prerequisites although you believe you have by taking the Shanghai courses

  • Consent of the department


Courses that did not validate because of the following reasons will not be reviewed.


  • Time conflicts (You need to reschedule your classes to avoid time conflicts.)

  • Exceeding the term credit limit (You should try to validate no more than 18 credits of classes at a time.)

  • Consent of the instructor (You do need to email the instructor for permission to enroll.)


If your course does NOT validate:


  • For New York courses, please refer to Course Registration Request Process on Slate.

  • For Global Site courses, please contact <> for assistance.

  • For Abu Dhabi courses, please contact Kerry Barrett <> for support.


Thus, make sure to validate every course!


If you will be studying away in New York, please read carefully New York Registration Procedures for Fall 2019 Courses (Very Important!). This registration procedures document includes special instructions on enrolling in major courses (including Stern courses).  


The Office of Global Programs will review your eligibility to take the course and if any permission codes are needed will communicate with the relevant departments for processing. Please do not reach out to any Global Site or department in New York about enrollment into specific courses until or unless you are specifically instructed to do so.

STEP 5: Discuss your Course Plan with your Advisor to Get Cleared for Registration

For students currently studying in SH, please meet with your advisor in person. For students currently studying away, you can discuss your course plan with your advisor via email or video call.


After checking your “Degree Progress Report” and identifying your course plan, please make an appointment with your advisor via Albert (instructions here). In the meeting, your advisor will review your degree progress, go over your course plan, and answer any questions you have about Fall 2019 registration and study away. If everything looks fine, you will be cleared for registration.