Registering for Spring 2020 Classes - For Students in Shanghai

Spring 2020 course offerings will be available in Albert Course Search starting Friday, October 11! The Registrar's Office has also put together a handy spreadsheet so you can see all the classes at-a-glance. Keep checking this Registrar's Spreadsheet as there may still be courses added or changed over the next few weeks!If you will study away in Spring 2020, please follow the instruction here.
STEP 1: Check your registration appointment time

Registration appointments take place during the week of November 11.


Please check your own specific registration appointment time in the Albert Student Center under “Enrollment Dates” (see an example here). Note that times are in U.S. Eastern Time (New York Time) so you'll need to convert the time to Shanghai time. Mark the exact time on your calendar so you will be ready to enroll as soon as your registration window opens!

STEP 2: Declare or change your major (if applicable)

If you would like to declare or change your major, follow the instructions here. First-year students are not eligible to declare their major at this point. Some classes give enrollment priority for students who are declared in a certain major as their primary major. If you want your major posted in Albert in time for spring course registration, the deadline to declare is 5pm, Monday, November 4, 2019 (China time).

STEP 3: Check your Degree Progress Report in Albert

Check your Degree Progress Report in Albert (instructions here) to see what requirements you have left to complete your degree.

Let your advisor know right away if you find any discrepancies or mistakes in the report so that your advisor can ask the Albert team to fix it. If you have questions about degree requirements and what courses fulfill which requirements information, you should refer to the All Majors Requirements Record of the year you are matriculated. 

All seniors must complete the Seniors Checklist for each major that they have prior to the meeting with their advisor to get cleared for registration. Also, keep an eye out for an email from your major about the senior capstone/thesis requirement.

STEP 4: Research suitable courses

You may review the Spring course offerings on this spreadsheet and note down the classes that interest you, what degree requirements they fulfill, and whether you meet the prerequisites. Note that we will be adding new courses within the next few weeks and announcing those to all students. You can read the course descriptions in Albert Course Search and also find out the days/times that they meet. (Instructions on accessing Albert Course Search are here.)


All first-year students will need to take Writing as Inquiry in Spring 2020. You can check Albert Course Search to see the many sections. You must register yourself for the level that you were placed in (WI or WII). Please prepare a few options as spaces in each section are limited and there will be NO waitlists for WAI sections.


There are also Major Info Sessions in October, which you’re welcome to attend! These are great opportunities to hear advice and stories from faculty and senior students in the major. More information about the major exploration events can be found here.

STEP 5: Get your advisor hold lifted

Make an appointment with your advisor to discuss your course courses plan and get your registration hold lifted. You should make the appointment through Albert (instructions here). You are expected to come with your course plan(s) written down in this Registration Worksheet and think about your questions in advance.

STEP 6: Put your courses in Shopping Cart in Albert and register when your appointment time arrives

Make sure you validate your courses. Instructions on how to register courses on Albert can be found HERE. Be sure to prepare for alternative courses as part of your initial registration preparation!