Peer Advising

The NYU Shanghai Peer Advising Program, based on a student mentoring model, provides opportunities for newer NYU Shanghai students to connect with and learn from upperclass students in the college. As new students, the Peer Advising Program will help you transition into and succeed in your college life.

Every incoming freshman has an opportunity to participate in this program. You can visit the website with peer advisors’ profiles and connect with these selected peer advisors, who will share with you their experience, provide insights, and respond to your questions.

NYU Shanghai peer advisors are select full-time undergraduate student volunteers trained to connect new students with resources to help them succeed in their first year at NYU Shanghai.

To be eligible for the program, peer advisors must:

  • Have and maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0
  • Be an active NYU Shanghai undergraduate student who has progressed into the second year of undergraduate study
  • Not possess any violations of Academic Integrity and NYU Shanghai Honor Code
  • Demonstrate effective verbal and written skills  
  • Maintain professional conduct and appearance
  • Uphold a one-year commitment to this role

Peer advisor responsibilities include:

  • Helping students with course planning and registration, major exploring, and questions about NYU Shanghai curriculum
  • Being available to new students as a resource, providing them with information regarding the academic policies and procedures
  • Attending the Peer Advising Program activities and peer advisor trainings
  • Maintaining appropriate confidentiality while working as a peer advisor
  • Helping with the academic advisors organize the Peer Advising Program events

Find more information about the Peer Advising program on the NYU Shanghai Peer Advising Website.

For questions about the Peer Advising Program, email