Academic Information for Study Away at NYU Shanghai

Academic Requirements & Registration Guidelines

  • Students should review the complete list of academic policies here: Policies and Procedures
  • Instructions on registering for courses and FAQs can be found here: Registering for Courses and FAQs
  • Students must register for 12-18 credits.
  • Taking a Chinese language course for a letter grade is a requirement.
  • All students must participate in Global Orientations.
  • Don't plan your personal travel before receiving official syllabi at the start of the semester! Academic site visits and field trips are considered required class time.
  • If you have trouble getting into a course or encounter other enrollment problems, email

Highlights of Studying in Shanghai


NYU Shanghai offers a variety of courses taught by NYU faculty and some of the country’s most distinguished professionals. Participants select from content courses taught in English, Chinese language courses at all levels from beginner to advanced. The curriculum appeals to a broad range of academic interests, focusing not only on East Asian studies but also on undergraduate majors in art, business, communication, comparative literature, economics, history, journalism, and politics.

Learning Chinese

Language study is central to the educational mission of NYU as a Global Network University. NYU Shanghai’s location and cosmopolitan student population make it all the more important for students to learn the language of the surrounding society and community. All students are required to take a Chinese language for graded credit (this course cannot be taken Pass/Fail). For a detailed list of what Chinese language courses NYU Shanghai offers, please visit this page.


Data Science Minor

• CSCI-SHU 101 Introduction to Computer Science

• CSCI-SHU 210 Data Structures

• CSCI-SHU 360 Machine Learning

• ECON-SHU 301 Econometrics

• MATH-SHU 235 Probability and Statistics or MATH-SHU 233 Theory of Probability or BUSF-SHU 101 Statistics for Business and Economics or BIOL-SHU 42 Biostatistics

Global China Studies minor

Four classes from the required and elective list of Global China Studies courses, of which at least one must be from the required list. Students may take up to two advanced or post-advanced language courses in fulfillment of this minor. Please contact if you have any questions.

1. Required List of Global China Studies courses (This list is not exhaustive and only includes some sample courses. Please find the more comprehensive list of courses here.)

  • GCHN-SHU 110 The Concept of China 
  • GCHN-SHU 270 Researching Chinese Politics & Society
  • INTM-SHU 193 Chinese Cyberculture
  • GCHN-SHU 264 Chinese Migrant and Diasporic Networks
  • GCHN-SHU 263 Voices from the Margin
  • Advanced Chinese I and II OR 8 credits of Chinese language classes at a level higher than Intermediate II.

2. Elective list of Global China Studies courses (This list is not exhaustive and only includes some sample courses. Please find the more comprehensive list of courses here.)

  • CCCF-SHU 121 History of Chinese Cinemas I
  • CCCF-SHU 128 Contemporary Art and New Media
  • GCHN-SHU 342/BPEP-SHU 9042 The Political Economy of East Asia
  • HUMN-SHU 229 Masters of Asian Cinema
  • RELS-SHU 9270 Religion and Society in China: Ghosts, Gods, Buddhas and Ancestors
  • HUMN-SHU 366 Shanghai Stories
  • HIST-SHU 153 History of Modern China since 1840
  • HUMN-SHU 229 Masters of Asian Cinema

Academic Support

Chinese Language Clinic

The Chinese Language Clinic is a free service for NYU Shanghai students enrolled in Chinese courses. The clinic’s Chinese teaching assistants (TAs) help students with Chinese speaking, writing, and grammar. Students may visit the clinic without needing to make appointments during the designated drop-in hours. Chinese instructors or TAs will be available to assist. Questions about the service should be directed to Shanghai Chinese Program at

Speaking Freely Online

Speaking Freely Online (SFO) is a user-friendly, online platform for all students within the entire global network. NYU Shanghai piloted the online version of Speaking Freely in Fall 2014. In particular, SFO provides a great opportunity for students to improve their Chinese speaking skills. SFO also provides coach-led sessions that are taught by native speakers of the target language. The 75-minute language coaching sessions meet once a week for approximately ten weeks each semester at various locations on campus. Each week, you'll learn how to communicate on a different topic, or you might enjoy a related activity—a movie, concert, or neighborhood visit—as part of a small informal language group. No books are required and there’s no pressure of grades! For more information, please visit the website for Speaking Freely Online.

Academic Resource Center

The Academic Resource Center (ARC) provides tutoring and support to students looking to reach their highest academic potential. Students can schedule a meeting, or drop by, for any of the following:

• Individual and smallgroup tutoring in over 30 STEM and Business & Economics courses

• Individual writing consultations at any stage of the writing process

• Academic coaching in areas such as time management, reading & notetaking strategies, exam preparation, and goal setting

• Workshops on writing and academic skills

• Group study and conversation circles

Students are also welcome to study on their own in the comfortable, supportive atmosphere of the Academic Resource Center.

Schedule an appointment here today!

Academic Advisors

Being a study away student at NYU Shanghai, you will have access to an on-site academic advisor who can discuss with you your academic -related concerns and liaise with your home-school academic advisor to help you solve academic issues. Please direct questions to or visit Room 504 on campus during the walk-in hours from 2-4 PM, Monday through Friday. 

Textbook Policy at NYU Shanghai

Study away students  are expected to purchase required course materials for all enrolled courses by the end of add and drop deadline. Please follow the policy and instructions on the NYU Shanghai textbook website. NYU Shanghai does not charge a flat fee for course materials. Students are charged for the course materials actually ordered, so individual student costs will vary.