Study Away FAQs

  • 1. Where can I go for study away?

    NYU Shanghai students have the resources of NYU’s global network of 11 academic centers on 5 continents and the portal campuses in New York and Abu Dhabi to choose from for their study away semesters.

  • 2. When can I study away?

    Students may study away in either or both semesters of their junior year and in the fall semester of their senior year.

  • 3. How many times can I study away?

    NYU Shanghai students are required to spend at least one semester and may spend up to two semesters studying away at one or more of the sites in the NYU global network.

  • 4. What are the eligibility requirements to study away?
    The NYU Office of Global Programs requires students to have a 3.0 or higher cumulative GPA to study away. All NYU Shanghai students are expected to meet this standard. Students with a cumulative GPA below 3.0 must petition the NYU Shanghai Academic Standards Committee for an exemption if they wish to be considered for study away. Petitions should be submitted in writing to the student's advisor at the start of the semester before the requested study away.
  • 5. What are the language requirements for study away?

    Proficiency in the local language is not required prior to arrival, but many sites require a language course during the semester of study away.

  • 6. Which sites require a language course while studying away?

    Students are required to take a language course in Berlin (German), Buenos Aires (Spanish), Florence (Italian), Madrid (Spanish), Paris (French), and Tel Aviv (Hebrew or Arabic). Optional language courses are available in Abu Dhabi (Arabic and Chinese), Accra (Twi), Prague (Czech, German, Polish, or Russian), and New York (many options).

  • 7. What are the academic requirements during study away?

    NYU Shanghai students must take a full load of courses (at least 12 credits and no more than 18 credits) in each semester of study away. With careful planning, students can take up to 2 courses per semester toward their major requirements while studying away. The remaining courses should be chosen to maximize the student’s access to curricula unavailable at NYU Shanghai. All study away students also take a required, non-credit Global Orientations course to provide a shared foundation for a successful study away experience.

  • 8. How much does it cost to study away?

    NYU Shanghai students pay the same tuition and receive the same financial aid while studying away as they do at their home campus in Shanghai. Other costs, including housing, meals, transportation, and incidental expenses will vary from site to site.

  • 9. How do I apply for study away?

    NYU Shanghai students begin the study away process early in the fall of their sophomore year, attending the study away fair and information sessions and meeting with their academic advisor and the study away advisor to discuss their academic and personal goals for study away. Students apply for study away through Albert.

  • 10. What does the application for study away require?

    The application for study away asks for first and second choice site preferences for each semester of study away and a personal statement explaining your academic and personal goals for study away at the sites selected.

  • 11. Do I need a letter of recommendation?

    No letter of reccomendation is required.

  • 12. When should I apply?

    The priority deadline for study away beginning in fall 2015 is November 24th, 2014. The priority deadline for study away beginning in spring 2016 is April 17th, 2015. Students interested in studying away in both fall 2015 and spring 2016 should apply for both semesters by November 24th, 2014.

  • 13. When will I find out if I’ve been accepted?

    Students will be notified via e-mail in March, 2015 for study away beginning in fall 2015, and in October 2015 for study away beginning in spring 2016.