Fall 2020 Go Local in Shanghai

Fall 2020 Go Local in Shanghai (Last Updated: 10/05/2020)

This page contains important information regarding the Fall 2020 Go Local in Shanghai program. 

Go Local students should see the Global Program's Go Local at NYU Shanghai website and Go Local in Shanghai website for information specific to the program and contact <global.admissions@nyu.edu> for general questions. 

Please contact your Go Local Academic Advisors and your home school advisors for academic related questions, <shanghai.golocal.advising@nyu.edu> for general Go Local related questions, <shanghai.golocal.life@nyu.edu> for student life related questions, <ogs@nyu.edu> for visa-related questions and information regarding your study away status and US immigration,  <shanghai.student-mobility@nyu.edu> for any questions on Chinese visas and immigration support, and shanghai.publicsafety@nyu.edu> for any questions related to public safety. 

NOTE: Content subject to change. As we get more questions and information, the website will be updated with FAQs, further announcements, information of spring registration, and advising events. 


I. Fall 2020 Academic Information

- Course Offerings 

- Course Registration

- Add/Drop, Withdrawal, Academic Calendar

- Textbooks

II. Academic Support

III. Meet the Team


NOTE: Content subject to change. As we get more questions and information, the website will be updated with FAQs and further announcements.


I. Fall 2020 Academic Information

1. Course Offerings

What types of courses are offered for Go Local students?
Go Local students can take a full-time course load from four categories of courses: 
     - In-person courses offered specifically for Go Local students
     - Online courses offered specifically for Go Local students
     - Other online courses offered in New York and other Global Academic Centers​
     - Regular in-person courses at NYU Shanghai 

For specific course titles, please refer to this website.

2. Course Registration

Registration Timeline

• July 29: Go Local Shanghai courses open for registration
• August 3: Upper-division regular NYU Shanghai courses open for registration
• September 10, Thursday, 2:00 pm China Time: All NYU Shanghai courses open for registration

Registration Instructions

You may now access registration instructions via the Enrollment Portal for the next steps regarding course registration.

Please contact your home school advisor for registration assistance if you cannot validate a course and meet one of the following criteria:
• You have satisfied the course prerequisite through NYU, advanced standing, or transfer coursework
• A course equivalency has been awarded and met satisfactorily (grade of C or better) in a prerequisite course or equivalent
• Courses have a perceived but not real time conflict in Albert due to different time zones.

Registration Requirements

- How many credits must I register for?
Go Local students are required to complete minimum full-time enrollment (12 credits) or more. 

- How many in-person courses should I take?
Go Local students are required to take at least one course (minimum 3 credits) in-person. Please consult your home school advisor to discuss how the courses offered can best support your academic interests and progress.

- Is there a Chinese language requirement for the Go Local program in Shanghai?
No, Go Local students are not required to take Chinese language courses.

Navigating Albert

- How do I find Go Local courses offered in Shanghai in Albert?
To view Shanghai Go Local courses, select Shanghai, China from the drop-down menu to the right under "Global & Other Study Away Sites."

- How do I find regularly offered Shanghai courses in Albert?
To view courses offered at NYU Shanghai, select NYU Shanghai from the drop-down menu to the right under "School."

- How can I check the instruction mode of the courses?
Courses are offered in four modes: in person, online, blended, and independent study. This information is displayed in Albert's course search. For more information, please refer to this website.

- What time zone are courses in Albert listed in?
Course times in Albert are determined by the course location. 
NOTE: On November 1, the U.S. will “fall back” by one hour, in observance of Daylight Savings Time, and most European countries will “fall back” on October 25. China does not observe Daylight Savings Time. If you are taking courses offered from New York or other Global Academic Centers, this could result in scheduling conflicts that do not exist at the start of the semester. You will receive a warning in Albert when scheduling courses that start and end within the same hour.

For assistance with Albert, refer to the Albert Registration How-to Guides.

3. Add/Drop, Withdrawal, Academic Calendar

In-person and online courses specifically designed for Go Local students as well as regular in-person Shanghai courses follow the NYU Shanghai Academic Calendar. For add/drop deadlines, withdrawal deadlines, and other important academic dates, please refer to the aforementioned website.

4. Textbooks

For textbook purchase and verification instructions, please refer to this website. Email shanghai.textbooks@nyu.edu if you have any questions.


II. Academic Support

What academic resources will I have access to?

The Academic Resource Center (ARC) will offer one-on-one writing, reading, listening, and speaking consultations, course-specific individual and group tutoring sessions, academic skills coaching and workshops, and academic accommodations.  

The ARC at NYU Shanghai will provide academic support throughout the fall semester, both in-person and via virtual platforms.

Latest Updates: 

Onsite Writing Support for Go-Local Students in Shinmay

Starting from October, Academic Resource Center (ARC) will provide in-person, 30-minute writing appointments in the Shinmay Building, Room 28-101 on Monday 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm, Tuesday 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm, and Wednesday 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm. Book an appointment on WCOnline.

1. Writing Support

For NYU Shanghai Writing Courses (course codes ending with “-SHU”):

- Schedule an in-person or online appointment with an ARC Writing and Speaking Fellow on WCOnline. You will need to create an account when you use the system for the first time (click “First visit? Register for an account.”).

- Or walk-in at the Library reference desk (4th floor Library, main academic building, Monday-Friday, 2:00 - 4:00 pm) for a 20-minute quick consultation session.

For Go Local in Shanghai Writing Courses and NYU New York Writing Courses: 

- Schedule an online appointment with the NYU Writing Center.

2. Course-Specific Tutoring

Go Local Learning Assistants (LAs) will provide in-person individual and group tutoring in:


- Calculus I

- Calculus II

- Calculus III

- Linear Algebra

Computer Science

- Intro to Computer Programming

- Data Structures 

Business & Finance

- Principles of Financial Accounting 

- Foundations of Finance 

- Corporate Finance 

- Intro to Marketing 


- Microeconomics with Algebra 

- Intro to Macroeconomics 

- Intermediate Microeconomics

Schedule an appointment with the LAs on WCOnline. In-person tutoring sessions will take place in the Shinmay Building (Room 2801).

3. New York Academic Support Resources

NYU University Learning Center 

The University Learning Center in New York provides virtual Academic Skills Workshops and one-on-one and group learning sessions in Math, Computer Science, Language, Writing, Humanities, Sciences, Social Sciences, and Business for New York courses offered online. 


NYU Writing Center

The Writing Center in New York provides remote writing consultations at every stage of the writing process and on any piece of writing except for exams. Watch the Introductory Video and Schedule an appointment. You will need to create an account when you use the system for the first time (click “First visit? Register for an account.”).

4. Academic Accommodations

If any student who wishes to apply for an academic accommodation (e.g., disability, physical/mental-emotional health) or a testing accommodation (e.g., extended exam time, electronic device permissions) should register with the NYU Moses Center for Student Accessibility.

Note: If you have any question or concern, please contact Interim ARC Assistant Director Tong Jin at tong.jin@nyu.edu or NYUSH Academic Accommodations team at shanghai.academicaccomodations@nyu.edu.

5. Location & Hours of Academic Resource Center (ARC) at NYU Shanghai

Shinmay Building

Scheduled and Walk-in Course-Specific Tutoring Sessions: ARC, 28th Floor, Room 2801

Main Academic Building

Scheduled Writing Appointments and Course-Specific Tutoring Sessions: ARC, 5th Floor, Room 519

Walk-in Writing Appointments: 4th Floor Library Reference Desk, maximum 20 minutes for quick help (Monday-Friday, 2:00 - 4:00pm)


General Questions - Email: shanghai.arc@nyu.edu



Academic Planning & Registration

1. Can I take online courses only in the Fall 2020? 

No. You need to register a minimum of one 3 or 4 credit in-person course at Shanghai, but you can register for as many as you'd like provided there are seats available.


2. Can I register under 12 credits in the Fall 2020? 

No. You should register at least 12 credits. 


3. Can I register for more than 18 credits per semester? 

Students in good academic standing may register for more than 18 points per term after their freshman year with the clearance of their academic advisor. Students may be charged additional fees or tuition and books. If you want to register more than 18 credits for Fall 2020, you may consult your home school advisor. 

Academic Advising

1. How can I make an appointment with my Go Local academic advisor in NYU Connect? 

Please look at the instructions


2. When is the deadline for course withdrawal and Pass/Fail option for the fall 2020?

Please look at the academic calendar in the fall 2020.


3. How can I find study spaces in Shinmay Building? 

One of the floors in Shinmay will be dedicated as a library and study space. There will also be WeWork phone booth spaces, which students can use for a bit more privacy. However, there are no individual rooms for private studying and students will not be able to reserve space.

4. How can I declare a minor? 

Please consult with your home school advisor regarding declaring a minor.


5. Can I take placement exams? 

Details about placement exams can be found in the undergraduate bulletin. There are in-person and online options.

Student Life/Housing/Mobility

1. Where is the Shanghai Go Local campus located?

In-person Go Local courses will be held at WeWork Shinmay Union Square in Pudong (Line 9 Shangcheng Road) and WeWork Fuhui (Line 2 Dongchang Road), both of which are one station away from the NYU Shanghai campus (Century Avenue) by subway. Students will predominantly be at the Shinmay building but may have classes at all three. All buildings are located within walking distance of each other.


2. How can I replace a lost ID card? 

Having an NYUcard will be important for you throughout the semester because you need to use it for getting access to the main academic building, Shinmay building, and other places (e.g., library, printing, billing, etc). Please read the information of Replace a Lost Card on NYUSH’s website. You can follow the instructions to get your new NYUCard. If you have further questions, please send an email to shanghai.publicsafety@nyu.edu


3. Which person should I ask if I have questions related to my health insurance? 

Please contact Student Health Center at shanghai.health@nyu.edu.


4. Which person should I contact if I have an inquiry about housing?

Please contact the Office of Student Life at shanghai.golocal.life@nyu.edu.


5. Which person should I contact if have a visa-related questions?

If you need any visa-related information regarding your study away status and US immigration, please contact the Office of Global Services at ogs@nyu.edu. If you have any questions on Chinese visas and need immigration support, please contact NYU Shanghai’s Student Mobility team at shanghai.student-mobility@nyu.edu.