Creativity + Innovation

The Program on Creativity + Innovation is a catalyst. It works to unleash and guide the creative and innovative energies in our students at NYU Shanghai. Combining inspirations --- from different areas of one's own knowledge, from different people, from different places in the world --- is the fundamental activity which we support, teach, and research.


We Teach

We Support

Our project (called “From Resume to Identity”) aims to help students develop unique compelling identities in both the world of ideas and the world of work, and to encapsulate and communicate these identities by building e-portfolios.
Our video project is collecting interviews with creators --- in the arts, technology, design, and other fields --- around the world.

We Research

Our case-writing project is building knowledge about Chinese entrepreneurship across a broad range of enterprise (both for-profit and social enterprise) and locations.
Our virtual-reality project is developing technologies to augment education both in and out of the classroom.

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