Course Descriptions

New York University School of Professional Studies (NYUSPS) at NYU Shanghai High School Academy Courses

NYUSPS at NYU Shanghai High School Academy is designed to expose students to exciting career paths. Immersion courses provide students with experiential learning about careers in particular industries. Students enrolling in these courses should have an interest in deepening their understanding of the chosen topic, but no prior knowledge or experience is required.


Summer 2017 Courses


Week 1

July 3 – July 8

Week 2

July 10 – July 15

Week 3

July 17 – July 22

Week 4

July 24 – July 29



Leadership: Building Skills for Future Success 



Leadership: Building Skills for Future Success



Global Finance: An Insider’s View 


Global Finance: An Insider’s View 


Web Design: Creativity Meets Technology


Video Game Design: From Concept to Completion



Tourism: Digital Marketing and Social Media



Integrated Marketing: Innovation and Strategy



The China/U.S. Dialogue: Joining the Discussion



Building the Future: The Environment and Sustainability



The Olympics: Business Behind the Rings



Fashion Beyond Borders: Exploring the Global Fashion Industry



Creative Writing: Finding Truth in Fiction


U.S. History and Culture



Entrepreneurial Problem Solving



Global Sports Management



Academic English


English Through Popular Culture


Course Descriptions


HSAD-NI101 Leadership: Building Skills for Future Success

Leadership skills are essential for success across all industry disciplines. In Leadership: Building Skills for Future Success you will explore various practical aspects of leadership, develop an awareness of your own leadership and work style, and improve collaborative and public speaking skills. You will study methods for improving your productivity and ability to prioritize. As you work with peers to solve problems, you will learn critical thinking, creative thinking, and how to be efficient and effective. You will improve your ability to present confidently and persuasively on a broad range of topics to varied audiences. The course includes both formal and informal presentations with feedback from the instructor. You will also learn how to use self-assessment techniques as tools to examine and improve your ability to lead others to success.

HSAD-NI102 Web Design: Creativity Meets Technology

The Internet has drastically changed the way people live, work, and communicate with one another. Consequently, web development has become a fundamental skill complementary to multiple disciplines. This intensive course will introduce students to both graphic design and basic front-end coding, providing a solid web development foundation to design, build, and maintain a simple web site. Students will gain fluency in essential web languages and development approaches by building responsive pages and acquiring basic knowledge to create a web-based phone application. Throughout the course, design principles will be explored utilizing HTML and CSS structures and will be based on consideration of typography, images, audio, and video. No programming or computer science background is necessary. Students of this intensive one week course will produce as a final project an interactive website of the topic of their choice; they will leave prepared for more advanced web design and development studies.

HSAD-NI103 The China/U.S. Dialogue: Joining the Discussion

It is often said that the relation between China and the US is an important key to 21st century global developments. In China, students learn English from an early age and engage with U.S. culture through movies and television. They are well suited to participate, and be bridges, in the 21st century dialog between the countries. At the same time, differences between the countries in history, culture, and political and economic systems mean that many of the common English terms that are key to the dialog may have different meanings in the two countries. This course will try to equip students to participate in the dialog by focusing on, and learning how to discuss, some key terms and concepts that are core to the dialog—for example, the idea of the American and Chinese dreams, ideas of history and progress, the role of religious and Confucian tradition in modern life, and the idea of citizenship in each country.

HSAD-NI104 Creative Writing: Finding Truth in Fiction

Whether you’ve not yet committed pen to paper, or have already scrunched up a forest’s worth of it, this introductory course to writing fiction will give you a foretaste of a craft as old as communication and the fires that kept the wolves away. Join others who share your interest in writing as you create fiction that holds the reader with words more efficient and more beautiful than everyday English. Constructing character, plot and setting, driving the narrative forward and at what pace—whether in anecdotes, short stories, novellas or novels, whether in the past, present or future—are all part of this course. So, too, are writing action, describing people and their world, and putting thoughts and feelings into compelling prose. With all these elements and more, students will write their own short stories under close supervision of the instructor and in a supportive community of young writers.

HSAD-NI105 Global Finance: An Insider's View

Over the past 20 years, local and global economies have become increasingly interconnected through complex financial systems. Any student who aspires to be successful in business must understand how these financial systems work and impact one another. This course will provide you with an introduction to finance needed when leading a company in Shanghai in local commerce or global commerce. The course will start with the local Shanghai economy and then expand to the global economy to cover some of the most salient topics in finance: international finance; international monetary systems; global markets; international trade; business strategy; global business ethics; and entrepreneurship. The NYU Finance course will equip you with the tools to embark on an exciting academic and professional pathway in business.

HSAD-NI106 Fashion Beyond Borders: Exploring the Global Fashion Industry

Fashion design is more than an interest; it’s a passion. This course presents a wide array of inspiring hands-on activities and workshops designed to be your opening into a variety of dynamic fashion careers. Whether you want to make your mark as a designer or fashion stylist, or be the creative force behind buying and selling the latest designs for retail stores, Fashion Beyond Borders is for you. This course will ultimately be the training ground of creative warriors where an experienced instructor will help you elevate your talents and develop the savvy business skills you need to thrive in a variety of fields within the fashion industry. You will learn through an exciting combination of visual power point lectures, creative group assignments, and on-site fashion activities.

HSAD-NI107 U.S. History and Culture

Studying the past teaches students to be critical thinkers and, by applying these same approaches to the present, can help them have a better understanding of their current world. In addition, the methods of history teach students how to gather data, muster arguments, and organize their thoughts so that they can present them in a coherent argument either written or oral. A history course, therefore, is excellent preparation for entrance exams, college coursework, and any profession which requires the ability to read, write, and present oral arguments. This course looks at American history with a focus on freedom and how the definition of the concept and the application of its principles has modulated throughout the last 400 years. Case studies will cover significant events in the American experience with freedom and introduce how an historian approaches her craft, gathers her evidence, and presents her arguments. Students will gain practical experience with reading and writing through developing their own presentations of case studies.

HSAD-NI108 The Olympics: Business Behind the Rings

Every four years, more than 10,000 of the world’s best athletes come together to compete at the largest sporting event on the planet: the Olympic Games. While the athletic competition lasts only 17 days, the business of the Olympics is a year-round, multi-billion dollar venture. In this class, you will learn how the International Olympic Committee governs the Olympics at a global level, what the funding sources for the Olympics are, and why cities such as Beijing are interested in hosting the Olympics and Paralympics. The class will include formal and informal presentations, as well as a case study through which you will analyze which city should be selected to host the Olympics in 2024. You can expect a combination of in-class lectures, guest speakers, and site visits that will provide you with an insider’s view of the business behind the largest sports event in the world. The class will be taught by a four-time Olympic athlete, who is also a lawyer and member of the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

HSAD-NI109 Entrepreneurial Problem Solving

Many problems in business and life are too big for one person to solve. Capacity to identify problems and to create solutions that others value is a skill possessed by leading entrepreneurs, who have built companies like Facebook, Apple, and Tom's Shoes, among others. Often, solving these problems would benefit society, while also being profitable, engaging, emotionally rewarding, and socially valued. Entrepreneurial Problem Solving will develop your ability to identify such problems, to solve them, and to market the solutions to the world. Some people say you cannot learn how to become an entrepreneur and that these skills are inborn in only a select few. This course aims to prove that everyone can learn how to find solutions to problems that may ultimately develop into successful businesses, which can create change in our world. The course will build upon exercises and projects connected to participants' lives. You will learn skills and perspectives that apply broadly—beyond just starting ventures—so that you can apply what you learn in many areas of your life. This course is social and interactive in nature. 

HSAD-NI111 Integrated Marketing: Innovation and Strategy

In this course, high school students will gain a deep understanding of the practice of marketing, both as its own business as its role in an integrated communication environment. Through classroom lectures and discussions, site visits and experienced industry guest speakers, as well as the execution and presentation of multi-faceted team and individual projects, the course will define the parameters and possibilities within the field of integrated marketing. Students will have the opportunity to analyze how integrated marketing relates to relevant industry practices and how it continues to evolve and support overall communication functions within a business. The course will also cover current trends in marketing, successful marketing strategies, and career paths for students who want to pursue jobs in the marketing industry.  

HSAD-NI112 Building the Future: The Environment and Sustainability

 As nations are confronted by the domestic and transnational impacts of climate change and other environmental challenges, sustainability is increasingly a priority for governments and businesses around the world. This course will explore the various ways in which the public and private sectors are reacting to climate change, resource scarcity, natural disasters, displaced populations, global pandemics, and the growing need for energy access. Students will gain an in-depth understanding of the complex environmental problems facing the Chinese people through lectures, site visits, guest speakers, as well as individual and group projects.

HSAD-NI114 Global Sports Management

Global Sports Management will introduce students to the variety of leadership that exists on the business side of sports. Students will learn what it takes to be a power player in managing business and revenue within major global leagues, such as the National Basketball Association (NBA), Major League Baseball (MLB), English Premier League (EPL), and the Chinese Super League (CSL). Students will also become familiar with popular sports publications (e.g., Sports Business Journal, Sports Pro Media, and Sponsorship Globe) and grow in their business knowledge and navigation of leading, managing, selling, and networking within the sought after world of sports. Students will have the opportunity to explore the overall sales and sponsorship process, which includes pitches, negotiations, and closings. This course will introduce the difference between managing locally versus globally; ways of creating and building strategic platforms; understanding revenue drivers within a sports property; and approaches to managing entities, staff, and clients on a global scale. 

HSAD-NI140 Video Game Design: From Concept to Completion

In 2014, consumers spent more than $21 Billion dollars on video games worldwide. Video games, an integral part of our culture, are created by some of the most innovative minds in the technology sector. This intensive game-design course gives students both a conceptual understanding of game design and practical experience in the design and development of games. While much of the commercial gaming industry is exclusively focused on entertainment, game creation and play can also serve as a powerful vehicle for learning, exploration, and collaboration. During this game-creation intensive course, students work in collaboration to study, design, and create interactive digital games. Upon conclusion of the course, students will have a range of skills sought after by the games industry for roles including game design, game production and game analysis, as well as transferable skills relevant to broader fields. No programming or computer science background is necessary. Students leave the course with a functioning game containing their own artwork, playable on the web, a computer, or a mobile device. Develop your passion for games while learning valuable skills in self-organization, creative development, and programming.

HSAD-NI150 Tourism: Digital Marketing and Social Media

The tourism industry has been one of the biggest beneficiaries of our newfound ability to share thoughts and experiences through photos, messages, and blog posts. These “user generated” activities provide the opportunity to engage audiences through integrated marketing, mobile messaging, and other social media platforms. This course explores the exciting world of tourism marketing, and examines how companies leverage the internet and social media to educate potential customers about their products as well as how they provide authentic ways to interact in both the online and offline worlds. Through case studies, guest speakers, and site visits, students learn about what makes a successful campaign and the tools and techniques that companies employ to generate interest and a loyal following. Particular attention will be spent looking at applications such as WeChat, Sina Weibo, and QQ in China, as well as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and others around the world as catalysts that help drive engagement and purchasing decisions.

HSAD-NI160 Language Bootcamp: English Through Popular Culture

Popular culture is created and reflected in many forms of media and in people’s—particularly young people’s—interactions with media. In this English language boot camp, you will engage with multiple forms of media in English, including music, film and television, art, podcasts, blogs, and other social media. You and your classmates will work together with course instructors to identify and explore themes of interest. You will practice and improve your ability to speak, listen, read, write, and think critically and creatively as you consume media, participate in a range of contexts and activities, and create with linguistic and other resources. You will work individually and with classmates, and you will receive helpful feedback and guidance on your learning and your language use as you complete a creative course project that you will share with an audience of your peers at the end of the course. You can expect to improve your fluency and accuracy, increase your vocabulary, and gain confidence in your ability to communicate in English and engage with popular cultures around the world.

HSAD-NI170 Language Bootcamp: Academic English

This academic language bootcamp focuses on the essential listening, speaking, reading, writing, and critical thinking skills that will help you succeed in an English-language academic setting and engage in effective communication beyond the classroom. You will listen to and read multiple forms of media, including news reports, articles, op-eds, academic lectures, essays, textbook excerpts, and videos. You will study the structure of these written and spoken texts, take part in pair and group work focusing on the language and vocabulary you have heard and read, and discuss and debate the topics the texts engage. You will focus on developing the speaking and listening skills necessary to participate in a university classroom setting, including classroom language fluency, pronunciation accuracy, and presentation skills. To improve your writing, you will study paragraph structure, development, and organization, as well as essay structure. You will work on multiple drafts to improve your ability to edit your own writing and organize your ideas. All of these skills will be synthesized as you complete a final project to present to your peers.