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No matter what your language level or learning goals, the NYUSPS Programs in English has courses to meet your needs. We offer a wide range of English courses designed for learners at all levels. Additionally, we are able to design custom programs tailored to your unique circumstances. Contact us for more information about custom programs. For current semester courses, please see our Current Schedule and Fees.

Course Catalog


ESL-NI 5100 Topics in International Business Culture: Providing Excellent Customer Service

Customer service plays a key role in interactions with external clients and with colleagues in other departments within a company or organization. Learn about common expectations many Westerners hold regarding customer service and how to meet those expectations. Participants will analyze scenarios and engage in role plays to apply the cultural knowledge and language forms presented by the instructor. Everyone can expect to walk away with strategies for providing excellent customer service in English.

ESL-NI 6100 Topics in International Business Culture: Business Entertaining and Socializing

Socializing, entertaining, and networking are important activities in the professional world. Learn and practice the tactics and language that will help you feel confident at business dinners, networking events, and other professional social situations. Participants will learn about cultural expectations and gain practical tips for navigating common social situations. Role plays and other engaging activities will provide opportunities for practice and feedback.

ESL-NI 6101 Step-by-Step: Giving Training Presentations and Describing a Process

Whether training a new employee, explaining a process to a customer, or staffing a help desk, good training involves much more than simply reciting a memorized text. The effectiveness of training or instructional presentations is measured by the amount the audience learns. Learn how to create organized, step-by-step instructions; pace your speech appropriately and check your audience's understanding; troubleshoot questions; and follow-up with your staff and customers. Focusing on their learning will earn you satisfied customers and employees!

ESL-NI 6102 8 Tips for Great Presentation Slides

Presentations come alive with visuals. Learn how to meet expectations of an international audience and avoid common missteps in presentation slides. Workshop attendees will learn how to balance text, images, and negative space; use formatting tools for consistency across slides; use correct, concise language; and review and edit their content and language use. There will be opportunities for practice and feedback during this hands-on workshop.

ESL-NI 6103 Job Hunting in English: Resumes and Social Media

Prepare for your job search by clarifying your goals and strengths and learn how to position yourself in the international job market. Workshop participants learn to market themselves across various media platforms in English by making use of social media such as LinkedIn. You will also learn how to adapt your résumé for an international audience. Become skilled in creating a consistent message about yourself that highlights your skills and makes you stand out as a professional in your field.

ESL-NI 6104 Job Hunting in English: Cover Letters

Prepare for a successful job search by learning to write a memorable cover letter in English. Learn helpful dos and don'ts, analyze example application letters, and practice tailoring your own letter for specific jobs and targeted audiences. Workshop participants receive extensive, individual feedback in a supportive, professional setting.

ESL-NI 6105 Job Hunting in English: Interviewing

Master the fundamentals of job interviewing in English and the key elements that can make a critical difference in securing an offer in the international job market. Learn how to respond to common interview questions, know what to do when the unexpected question arises, and feel comfortable and confident during the process. Workshop activities incorporate online and face-to-face interview role-playing situations, networking strategies, and best practices in following up with prospective employers.

ESL-NI 7100 Topics in International Business Culture: Leading Successful Meetings

Meetings are common practice in professions across the globe, but practices differ according to culture. Learn how to lead and participate actively in business meetings with international co-workers, customers, and clients. Participants will gain knowledge and skills needed to set agendas, keep meetings on target, encourage participation and exchange of ideas, make decisions, assign action items, and follow up. Useful vocabulary, structures, and strategies will be introduced and practiced in simulation activities.

ESL-NI 4001 English for Beginners

Build a solid foundation in this comprehensive English course. Course participants have multiple opportunities to engage in speaking, listening, reading, and writing activities while building vocabulary and repertoire of basic structures in English. You can expect to develop basic communication skills that you can apply in everyday situations.

ESL-NI 4003 Elementary English Communication

Practice using English through communicative activities and collaborative tasks. Course participants practice brief, everyday conversational exchanges, such as asking and responding to basic questions, and sharing information and opinions about likes, dislikes, and interests. You will also work with classmates to complete tasks that require you to use your developing English. The content of the course will be shaped by the needs and interests of the course participants.

ESL-NI 4004 English for Beginners II

Learners who have successfully completed English for Beginners, or who already have a basic foundation in English, will continue building on that foundation in this comprehensive English course. Course participants have multiple opportunities to engage in speaking, listening, reading, and writing activities while building vocabulary and repertoire of basic structures in English. You can expect to add to your base of communication skills that you can apply in everyday situations.

ESL-NI 4010 / ESL-NI 4600 Language Boost: Basic Vocabulary and Grammar Workshop

Boost your language learning with extra focus on vocabulary and grammar. Learn how to use new vocabulary in a variety of contexts and constructions. Participants will also practice using helpful vocabulary and grammar learning strategies.

ESL-NI 4050 Better English Through Reading: Elementary

Increase your exposure to key vocabulary and English structures as you begin to develop reading fluency. With support from the instructor, participants in this hybrid course will learn to select English reading materials that are appealing and at the appropriate level. You will set reading goals, chart your progress, and share your learning with classmates.

ESL-NI 4602 Elementary English for Travelers

Taking a trip soon? English is the most common language spoken around the globe, so prepare for your travel experience by improving your English skills. Learn how to book travel, ask for directions, order food, arrange entertainment, and even make small talk with people you meet along the way. Develop the English language skills you need to travel like a pro.

ESL-NI 5000 Intermediate Conversation and Culture: Developing Confidence and Fluency in English

Build on a strong foundation of conversational skills through communicative activities. Course participants learn about and practice discussing less familiar topics while developing the ability to state and defend opinions, ask follow-up and clarification questions, and disagree respectfully. The content of the course will be shaped by the needs and interests of the course participants.

ESL-NI 5002 Presentations and Public Speaking

Develop your presentation skills. Learn the keys to great public speaking skills, including key preparation techniques, winning organization strategies, standard phrases used in presentations and speeches, clear annunciation and pronunciation, attractive visual aids, and appropriate nonverbal communication styles. Participants also receive individual feedback on their own strengths and weaknesses and personalized advice on how to improve. You can expect to give a formal prepared speech and informal talks.

ESL-NI 5004 Narrative and Descriptive Writing

Paint with words as you create vivid written descriptions of events, people, and places. Course participants will engage in writing tasks that develop writing fluency and voice. Work on multiple drafts as you study paragraph and narrative structure, development, and organization, and improve your ability to edit your own writing and organize your ideas. You can expect to develop skills to be a better writer at work, in school, or in other areas of your life.

ESL-NI 5005 International Business Communication

Learn how to write and speak effectively in a variety of business settings. Participants read about business and management issues; write and edit emails, letters, reports, and evaluations; and analyze the cultural misunderstandings that can occur in an international and multicultural business settings. Through role plays, participants gain the practice necessary to engage in business interactions with confidence. You can expect to improve your ability to use English to socialize, present, communicate in writing, and participate in meetings in today's global business world.

ESL-NI 5006 Pronunciation Practice

Gain a working knowledge of the sounds and rhythms of North American English. Through intensive practice of consonants, vowels, intonation, stress, and rhythm, course participants develop techniques for speaking clearly in a variety of settings. Instructors use recordings, pronunciation exercises, dialogues, discussions, and other interactive activities. Each participant will receive individualized feedback. Identify your pronunciation trouble spots and devise strategies for achieving more accurate and fluent speech.

ESL-NI 5007 Clear and Effective Writing I

This course is for people who need help in writing effectively, accurately, and comfortably. Participants develop the ability to produce correct, well-developed texts and essays on a variety of topics. You will learn about organization, style, and tone through weekly readings and writing assignments. You will also learn to identify and correct your own errors in a supportive atmosphere in which feedback is intensive and individualized.

ESL-NI 5008 Polished Professional Writing I

This course helps develop the writing skills required in contemporary business and other professional contexts. Learn techniques for writing effective emails, memos, proposals, and reports for a variety of audiences, becoming more accurate, clear, and concise. Participants receive guidance and practice in the selection and use of appropriate vocabulary, grammatical structures, and punctuation, with intensive individual feedback. Through the use of realistic professional models, you can expect to learn how to express yourself clearly and persuasively.

ESL-NI 5009 Speaking and Listening Skills

Designed for people who are uncomfortable speaking English in both professional and more casual settings, this course helps participants speak more fluently and accurately. You can expect to develop your listening comprehension and improve your self-confidence. Activities include discussions, presentations, and role-plays. Work on volume, pacing of speech, correct grammar and word choices, as well as posture and body language, all while receiving intensive individualized attention.

ESL-NI 5010 / ESL-NI 5600 Language Expansion: Vocabulary and Grammar Workshop

Go beyond grammar rules, drills, and vocabulary lists. Learn about functional grammar to gain a deeper understanding of and control over the structure of English. Understand the shades of meaning of words and phrases and how and when to use them appropriately while speaking and writing in English.

ESL-NI 5050 Better English Through Reading: Intermediate

Immerse yourself in English! Repeated exposure to English vocabulary and sentence structures through comprehensible and enjoyable reading helps learners improve language skills and reading fluency. With support from the instructor, participants in this hybrid course will learn to select English reading materials that are appealing and at the appropriate level. You will set reading goals, chart your progress, and share your learning with classmates. This course allows you to get enough practice actually reading to improve your reading speed. Experience the satisfaction of being able to read fluently in English!

ESL-NI 5300 Email Writing

Become a pro at writing emails for a global audience. Learn how to plan and write clear, concise, and logical emails with appropriate tone and register. Course participants master the most common types of email and learn how to best use auto-responders, acknowledge receipt of an email, and follow up on unanswered mail. You will have the opportunity to practice writing emails tailored to your specific needs in work or academic contexts and receive individual feedback.

ESL-NI 5301 Leading Meetings and Discussions

Learn how to lead and participate actively in business meetings with international co-workers, customers, and clients. Participants learn how to lead a professional meeting while practicing the most effective ways to persuade, make polite requests, criticize without being rude, and mediate discussions. Participants also learn practical English business vocabulary and expressions and practice using them in meeting role-plays, formal and informal discussions, and conference calls and video conferencing. Become a more confident leader capable of expressing your ideas and opinions in an international workplace.

ESL-NI 5601 / ESL-NI 5801 Critical Reading and Vocabulary: Reading and Understanding English Articles

Enhance your ability to think critically while reading short general interest articles and think pieces. Course participants develop comprehension skills and practice analyzing structure, writing style, language use, and content. Engage in discussion and short reflective writing tasks that allow you to respond to the selections and exchange ideas with classmates.

ESL-NI 5602 / ESL-NI 5802 The World of Fiction: Reading and Relating to a Best Seller

Develop your reading skills while reading one or more best-selling novels in English. Course participants learn how to identify main ideas, themes, and vocabulary in context; relate ideas to real life; and summarize sections of the text. Class activities may include discussion, short poster presentations, dramatic readings and enactments, reading journals, vocabulary journals, and short summaries.

ESL-NI 5603 Understanding American Business Culture

Gain an introduction to the norms and nuances of American business culture, from handshakes and small talk to the complexities of establishing good working relationships and engaging in negotiations. Engage in role plays, presentations, and discussions about readings, and analyze business interactions to understand possible areas for misunderstanding. You will learn communication strategies so that you can engage successfully with colleagues, customers, and clients. You can expect to become more comfortable and confident with your ability to share your ideas and influence your business partners in an American business setting.

ESL-NI 5604 NYC for Travelers

Learn about the history and unique culture of New York City while also developing practical language skills for traveling. Course participants receive tips for getting around New York and enjoying all that this famous city has to offer. Through course projects, participants apply reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills to focus on aspects of the city that are of most interest to them.

ESL-NI 5607 Listen Up and Speak Out!

Improve your English communication skills by attending to the way you and others around you use the language in and out of class. Course participants have the opportunity to bring in questions about English interactions they take part in and observe outside class, with the instructor acting as cultural and linguistic informant. Working together with input and feedback from the instructor, you will make sense of puzzling incidents and develop communication strategies to make your future interactions go more smoothly.

ESL-NI 5610 All Around America

Learn about the history, unique culture, and sites of interest in various cities in the United States. Course participants work in groups to create a travel guide to a place in the USA that they are interested in. At the end of the course, groups present this project to their classmates. Participants can expect to improve reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills while learning more about the USA.

ESL-NI 5800 Step by Step: Communicating Procedures, Processes, and Instructions

Communication challenges in describing procedures, processes, and instructions, particularly across cultures, can lead to serious consequences. Learn how to use logical connections and linear thinking to convey this type of information clearly and concisely. You can expect to improve your ability to explain procedures, processes, and instructions, as well as your ability to understand and respond appropriately to others' explanations.

ESL-NI 6002 Contemporary American Culture and History Through Popular Music

Expand your knowledge of U.S. American culture, history, and popular music. This course examines the musical roots of today's American music and the historical events surrounding some of the most influential songs of the last century. Course participants read, analyze, discuss, and summarize articles and song lyrics to develop reading ability and expand vocabulary while also deepening musical and cultural knowledge. By the end of this course, you will be able to engage critically with texts and participate more confidently in discussions.

ESL-NI 6003 Intercultural Communicative Competence

Develop an understanding of the process of communicating across cultural boundaries. Through readings and activities, course participants practice applying analytical skills to examine intercultural interaction; consider techniques for improving intercultural communication within various types of environments; and increase awareness of their own cultural norms and how they affect behavior, values, and perceptions. This course will equip you with tools and skills that you will be able to apply in the intercultural contexts you find yourself in at home and abroad.

ESL-NI 6004 Understanding TED Talks, Lectures, and Presentations

TED Talks give the public the opportunity to hear from great thinkers working around the world in many disciplines and walks of life. This course will help you access some of the great TED talks in English. Develop your listening skills and strategies while also learning about what makes a great lecture. Along the way, you can expect to expand your vocabulary and range of structures in your receptive and productive language use.

ESL-NI 6005 Discussing Current Events

Improve your ability to engage actively in discussions on current global topics. Course participants read and listen to news reports on current issues and then respond to the topics in a variety of ways, including class discussion, written responses, and presentations. Expand your vocabulary, refine your critical reading and listening skills, and improve your speaking ability as you participate in vocabulary building exercises, learn to present your position on a topic to a small group as well as to a larger audience, and practice defending a particular position. By the end of this course, you will be able to converse more confidently on events taking place around the world.

ESL-NI 6006 Service Learning

Community service is a respected practice in many parts of the world. Learn about traditions of community service, volunteerism, and civic engagement in North America while you explore similar practices in China. Course participants will apply what they learn in class to plan and carry out service projects or volunteer experiences in the local community. Language and communication skills will be developed through reading, journaling, reflective tasks, discussions, and presentations.

ESL-NI 6601 American University Experience

Gain an introduction to U.S. higher education and the culture of the American university classroom as you learn about the educational values that form the basis of ethical academic inquiry in the USA. Course participants learn how to decipher course syllabi, analyze what constitutes an ideal student in the USA, and practice skills and strategies needed to have a successful and rewarding overseas experience. Acquire a better understanding of what to expect--and what will be expected of you--when you arrive at a U.S. college, university, or graduate school.

ESL-NI 6602 University Classroom Participation Skills

Break the stereotype of the quiet international student! Learn about the role that class participation plays in U.S. university courses and what professors expect of their students. Course participants develop critical thinking skills as they practice asking questions about a lecture or reading, responding to Socratic questioning, and leading and participating in class discussions. Specific skills practiced in online and in-class activities include agreeing and disagreeing, stating and supporting an opinion, summarizing an argument, gaining the floor, responding to classmates, and integrating personal experience with reading and lecture topics.

ESL-NI 7000 Advanced Conversation and Culture: Tackling Tough Topics in English

Hone your speaking and listening skills through advanced communicative activities. Course participants practice and improve their ability to manage conversations on a variety of topics; direct discussions; check for understanding and make adjustments tailored to a specific audience; paraphrase and summarize others’ arguments; and offer, reject, and accept suggestions. The content of the course will be shaped by the needs and interests of the course participants.

ESL-NI 7001 Learning from the Pros: Mastering Public Speaking Through Famous Speeches

This course offers an analysis of famous speakers and speeches from the 20th century. You will read, listen to, and watch a variety of notable speeches while analyzing the vocabulary use, examining the content, and evaluating the delivery style. You will learn different rhetorical and prosodic devices and practice using them in a variety of contexts for different effects. While building these skills, you will write your own speeches and practice presenting them to the class. By the end of the course, you will better understand what makes speakers and their speeches successful and make use of new strategies for writing and delivering stronger oral presentations.

ESL-NI 7002 Debate and Logical Argumentation

Enhance your ability to understand, build, and deliver arguments and opinions. In this course, you will study different types of strategic arguments and logical fallacies to expose the difference between strong and weak reasoning. You will also learn what can be regarded as evidence and how to test it for validity. By learning the terms and language of argumentation through classic cases and debates, you will expand your critical thinking and analytical skills. These skills will be practiced and tested through structured debates, giving you the opportunity to present, challenge and defend your own ideas. This course also offers you the opportunity to improve your interpersonal communication, public speaking, and problem solving skills.

ESL-NI 7003 Persuasive Writing

Learn effective ways to present and defend your own opinion in your writing. Develop your ability to use logical arguments and provide evidence to support your ideas. Course participants study paragraph structure, development, and organization, as well as essay structure, while working on multiple drafts to improve the ability to self-edit and organize ideas. By the end of the course, you will be able to write a 5-paragraph essay in which you develop your own argument on a debatable issue.

ESL-NI 7007 Clear and Effective Writing II

This course is for people proficient in English who need to further develop their writing skills. Participants learn techniques to strengthen their own writing by reading the best writers. Write weekly texts with emphasis on organization, audience, word choice, sentence structure, and style. With increased confidence, you will learn to examine your own writing with a critical eye and a finer sense of what makes writing effective.

ESL-NI 7008 Polished Professional Writing II

This class is for professionals who want to strengthen their writing skills. Participants develop strategies and skills necessary for writing professional, clear, and succinct communications. The course emphasizes key elements for effective professional writing: purpose, audience, structure, and language, as well as style, tone, and grammar in context. Types of writing covered include emails, memos, proposals, reports and other communications used in professional contexts. With intensive individual feedback from the instructor, you can expect to become a more natural, sophisticated, and professional writer.

ESL-NI 7009 Advanced Speaking and Listening Skills

This course prepares fluent speakers to function more comfortably in situations in which educated English is expected. Participants learn how to polish their delivery skills and diction and improve their use of English structures, while addressing intonation, volume, and body language. Explore confidence-building techniques as you plan formal and informal presentations, take part in discussions, and expand your knowledge of vocabulary and idioms, all while receiving intensive individualized error correction.

ESL-NI 7010 / ESL-NI 7600 Language Analysis: Advanced Vocabulary and Grammar Workshop

Expand your vocabulary and learn how to use a broader range of phrases and structures to make your writing and speech more polished and sophisticated. Workshop participants analyze complex structures and novel word choices to unlock meaning in difficult texts and practice expanding their own linguistic repertoire in writing and speech.

ESL-NI 7050 Better English Through Reading: Advanced

The key to increasing your reading speed, fluency, and comprehension is to read regularly. At the same time, regular reading increases your overall exposure to vocabulary and grammatical structures, so you encounter enough English to deeply acquire the grammar and vocabulary you have been exposed to in other courses and textbooks. With support from the instructor, participants in this hybrid course will learn to select English reading materials that are appealing and at the appropriate level. You will set reading goals, chart your progress, and share your learning with classmates. Experience the satisfaction of being able to read fluently in English!

ESL-NI 7801 Critical Reading and Vocabulary: Engaging with Nonfiction

Develop your critical reading skills and enhance your vocabulary while reading short and medium-length works of nonfiction. Depending on the backgrounds and interests of the course participants, you may read articles, essays, blog posts, editorials, white papers, and research articles. Learn to distinguish among differences in style, tone, and structure across genres. Identify authors' perspectives and assumptions, and use inferences to make sense of information presented indirectly or implicitly.

ESL-NI 7802 The World of Fiction: Reading Literary Fiction

Read great works of literary fiction. Course participants will read one or more novel or short story collection in English. Develop critical reading and thinking skills while learning about the structure of the text, common literary devices, and character development. Class activities may include discussion, short poster presentations, dramatic readings and enactments, reading journals, vocabulary journals, and short summaries.

ESL-NI 7803 In Other Words: Using Summary, Paraphrase, and Quotation in Source-Based Writing

Acquire skills and strategies to incorporate outside sources into your own writing and understand the nuances of what constitutes plagiarism and how to formulate and express original ideas. Course participants develop key advanced reading and writing skills including active reading and reflecting, summarizing, note taking and text annotation, citing, quoting, and paraphrasing. By the end of this course, you will have learned how to use texts appropriately to strengthen your own ideas.