Steven Lehrer

Associate Professor of Economics, NYU Shanghai; Global Network Associate Professor, NYU
Steven Lehrer
Associate Professor of Economics, NYU Shanghai; Global Network Associate Professor, NYU
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Steven Lehrer is an Associate Professor of Economics, NYU Shanghai; Global Network Associate Professor, NYU. He is also a research associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research and a member of NYU’s Institute for the Interdisciplinary Study of Decision Making.  He is also an associate professor at Queen’s University which he joined after being spending two years as the John M. Olin Postdoctoral Fellow in Medical Economics at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. His work has appeared in the Review of Economics and Statistics, Review of Economic Studies, American Political Science Review among other outlets. Professor Lehrer is Director of NYU Shanghai Behavior and Experimental Economics Laboratory.

Professor Lehrer also serves as an associate editor for the Journal of the Royal Statistical Society and Empirical Economics. His recent research evaluating universal childcare policies was awarded the 2013 John Vandekamp prize for best article in Canadian Public Policy and his work on genetic lotteries received the 2009 Victor R. Fuchs Research Award for his best paper with the potential to spawn new research in an underdeveloped area of health economics or health policy.

Research Interests

  • Health Economics
  • Experimental Economics
  • Causal Enference
  • The Economics of Education
  • Applied Econometrics for Data Science

Selected Publications

  • Box Office Buzz: Does Social Media Data Steal the Show from Model Uncertainty When Forecasting for Hollywood (with Tian Xie) forthcoming in the Review of Economics and Statistics.
  • Does Quebec's Subsidized Child Care Policy Give Boys and Girls an Equal Start? (with Michael Kottelenberg) forthcoming in the Canadian Journal of Economics.
  • Targeted or universal coverage? Assessing heterogeneity in the effects of universal childcare (with Michael Kottelenberg) Journal of Labor Economics Volume 35, Issue 3, July 2017, 609-653 (lead article). 
  • Genome-wide association study identifies 74 loci associated with educational attainment (with  A. Okbay, J.P. Beauchamp, M.A. Fontana, J.J. Lee, T.H. Pers, C.A. Rietveld, P. Turley,..., P.M. Visscher, T. Esko, P.D. Koellinger, D. Cesarini, D.J. Benjamin) Nature, 533, 539–542, (26 May 2016)
  • Bargaining and Reputation: Experimental Evidence on Bargaining in the Presence of Irrational Types (with Matthew Embrey and Guillaume Frechette) Review of Economic Studies Volume 82, Issue 2, April 2015, 608-631.
  • Cohort of birth modifies the association between FTO genotype and BMI (with N. Rosenquist, J. O’Malley, A. Zavalsky, J. Smoller and N. Christakis) Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Volume 112, Number 2, January 13, 2015, 354-359.


  • PhD, Economics
    University of Pittsburgh