Roslynn Ang

Roslynn Ang
Global Perspectives on Society Postdoctoral Fellow

Roslynn Ang works with the Sapporo Upopo Hozonkai, an Ainu performance group registered under UNESCO Intangible Heritage of Japan. Situated in the intersections of Anthropology, East Asian Studies and Settler-Colonial Studies, her research interests include performance, decolonizing methodology, indigeneity, representations of race and nation, and Japan’s colonial history with East Asia and the West. Her current book project, Performing Ainu Absence and Presence: Settler Gaze and Indigenous Be-ing in Japan, is an ethnography on the barriers and mediums that sustain the (in)visibility of the Ainu across the Pacific. Having received research grants to Ryukyu University and Hokkaido University, she has an extensive knowledge of Japan’s peripheries and minorities. She has published in Japanese and English, and her recent article, “Recursions of colonial desire for differences” in New Ideas in East Asian Studies (University of Edinburgh), critically examines the historical connections between Japanese colonialism and Western expansion into Asia. She is one of the founding members of the Early Career Researchers Network at the Association of Critical Heritage Studies.  

Research Interests

  • Settler-Colonial Studies
  • Japan
  • Race and Ethnicity
  • Performance
  • Nation


Select Publications



  • PhD, East Asian Studies
    New York University