Oliver Steele

Oliver Steele
Visiting Associate Arts Professor of IMA

Oliver Steele is a Visiting Associate Arts Professor of IMA. Previous to teaching, he worked in the U.S. software industry, where he has experience as an engineer, software architect, engineering manager, and product manager on products related to embedded systems, web and distributed applications, and programming language design. He was an early member of Nest (smart home appliances) and a number of early-stage startups, and has held positions at Apple and AOL.


Select Publications

  • A. Mucignat, O. Steele, S. Supramaniam, O. B.Hardison, and R. J. Schultz III, “Methods and Systems for Data Interchange Between a Network-Connected Thermostat and Cloud-Based Management Server,” U.S. Patent 9,098,279, filed July 17, 2011
  • C. J. Minsky, O. Steele, and M. D. R. Minsky, “System for Segmentation by Product Category of Product Images Within a Shopping Cart,” U.S. Patent 8,117,089, filed Feb 13, 2008
  • A. G. Wolff, D. T. Temkin, O. Steele, P. T. Withington, and H. B. Minsky, “Evaluating Expressions in a Software Environment,” U.S. Patent 7,340,724, filed Aug 15, 2003
  • M. D. Carlson, O. Steele, and A. G.  Wolff, “Application Data Binding,” U.S. Patent 7,873,668, filed Aug 15, 2003
  • M. Minsky, O.-Y. Ming, O. Steele, F. P. Brooks Jr., and M. Behensky, “Feeling and Seeing: Issues in Force Display,” SIGGRAPH Computer Graphics, vol. 24, no. 2, pp. 235–241, Feb. 1990

Research Interests

  • Programming Language Design
  • Software Literacy and Education
  • Woodworking and Furniture Design


Courses Taught

  • Application Lab
  • Exploring Movement Practices with Physical Computing