Guanjun Wu

Guanjun Wu
Adjunct Professor

Guanjun Wu has emerged in recent years as one of China’s leading scholars in critical theory and political philosophy. A prolific writer of books, articles, and poems, his most recent effort, The Great Dragon Fantasy: A Lacanian Analysis of Contemporary Chinese Thought (2014), earned glowing praise from Slavoj Žižek and Richard Wolin and has been well received by other leading scholars in China and abroad. Wu's other books include The Eleventh Thesis (2015), Philosophical Thinking (2015), The Philosophy of Living Together (2011), The Hauntology of Love and Death (2008), The Perverse Core of Everyday Reality (2006), and Multiple Modernities (2002).

Research Interests

  • Political Philosophy
  • Contemporary Continental Thought
  • Lacanian Psychoanalysis
  • Classical and Contemporary Chinese Thought



  • PhD, Chinese Studies and Political Theories
    Monash University