Christopher Nagele

Christopher Nagele
Senior Research Associate and Course Grader

Chris Nagele is a Senior Research Associate and Course Grader in Physics at NYU Shanghai. Before this, he attended Haverford College where he double majored in Physics and Astronomy. He was also involved in many extra curricular activities such as the outdoors club, varsity and club sports, and the orchestra and chamber music programs. 

Research Interests:
  • Cosmology and High Energy Physics
  • up to this point he has participated in research projects investigating Non Linear Magnetic Fields Produced by Simple Current Loops
  • The Relationship Between Stellar Alfven Radius and Stellar Magnetic Geometry, and Electromagnetic Duality (specializing to the SU(2), SO(3) case). 
  • B.A. Astronomy and B.S. Physics, Haverford College, 2016