Bruce Carroll

Bruce Alan Carroll Jr.
Office Phone
+86 (21) 20595083

Lecturer Bruce Carroll researches the ontology of art forms, early modern philosophy and literature, and classical and early modern poetics. He has published on the ontology of the sonnet form found in Shakespeare's Sonnets (Appositions, 2014) and on misreadings of the archaic Greek Muse (Annals of Scholarship, forthcoming). His dissertation "The Early-Modernization of the Muse" examined appearances of the classical Muse in Renaissance English poetry, discovering in them an intersection of the ontologies of art and the human person. Current interests now include Technoself Studies and new media. He is presently writing an ontology of the animated GIF. 

With 10 years' experience, Bruce teaches humanities and academic rhetoric to sophomore Chinese, American, and International students in the Writing Program's Perspectives on Humanities core-course. His 2015-16 course Beyond Nature questions the notion of a 'natural world', comparing the positions forwarded by current eco-criticism to the subtle--and troubled--role of nature in our understanding of self, society, and the arts. 

Service positions include a seat on the ATLAB (Academic Technology/Library Advisory Board)

Research Interests

  • Ontology of art
  • Philosophy and literature
  • Classical and early modern poetics / art theory

Courses Taught

  • Perspectives on Humanities: Beyond Nature


  • Ph.D English Literature
    University of New Mexico, 2014