Azure Tianran Qian

Azure Tianran Qian
Adjunct Professor

Azure is a digital media producer who is passionate about creating user-centered experiences within the imaginative interactive arts. She holds an MPS from New York University’s Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP), and a Multimedia Storytelling Certification from Columbia University.

Prior to returning to China, Azure worked for the BBC as a Media Coordinator, creating educational documentary content for mainstream media. She also started a studio in New York, whose productions brought together global artists to express the beauty of cultural difference and included a show performed in the Lincoln Centre.

Azure began teaching Interactive Media Application and Concept Design at China Academy of Arts, Hangzhou. Since moving to Shanghai in 2015, Azure has been developing a new platform for crosscultural communication. It encompasses an app, website, HTML5 layout generator and interactive books. Alongside her academic commitments, she oversees it’s creative direction, international marketing and operations.

Her current research rests on the application and creation of Interactive Documentary. A forthcoming book, which has been funded by the National Philosophy and Social Science Foundation of China, set to be published by Tongji University. She was also a jury member for the 2017 Shanghai International Film Festival.


  • MPS, Interactive Telecommunications Program
    New York University