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Impoartant Service Notice for Final Week and Winter Break (Updated on December 13 2016)

In order to best accommodate the student needs during the final week and to align with the University calendar, the following modifications are made on the Jinqiao shuttle service:
a. For the week days with final exams, namely December 15th, 16th, 19th, 20th, and 21st, there will be four 8:00 AM buses addedgoing to the Academic Building from Jinqiao Residence, to better accommodate the 9:00 AM exams. This way there will be two 8:40 AM buses going to the Academic Building on these days. Back-up buses will be arrange to load the students as appropriate. And buses for other times will remain the same. For updated schedule please see: PDF iconFall_2016_Jinqiao_Shuttle_- Final_Week_12.15-21.pdf
b. The shuttle schedule for the coming weekend (December 17th and 18th) can also be found here for your reference: PDF iconFall_2016_Jinqiao_Shuttle_Weekend_Schedule_for_Final_Weeks.pdf.
c.  In accordance to the winter break schedule, the regular shuttle service to Jinqiao Residence will be suspended, starting on Thursday, December 22th, 2016 until Monday, February 6th, 2017. And the shuttle schedule will be sent out before the semester starts. 
Please plan out your travel plan in advance and be punctual for the buses.
Wish you good luck with finals!
NYU Shanghai Department of Public Safety
24/7 walk-in: Room 118, the Academic Building
24/7 emergency hotline: (86) (21) 2059 5500


-------- End of the Notice --------


NYU Shanghai has contracted with a local vendor to provide safe and convenient transportation for its community members to shuttle between the ECNU and Pudong campuses, as well as shuttle services for the students living at the Jin Qiao dormitories. Scheduled bus service during the fall semester of the 2016-2017 academic school year will run as follows:

PDF icon2016 ECNU Shuttle Bus Schedule Effective Jan 25.pdf

PDF iconFall 2016 Jinqiao Residences Shuttle Bus Schedule Effective October 9th.pdf

All riders must present their NYU Shanghai, NYU, or NYU Abu Dhabi ID card to the driver as verification of eligibility to use NYU Shanghai transportation. All who use NYU transportation are to conduct themselves in a safe and responsible manner at all times. NYU Shanghai reserves the right to withdraw transportation eligibility at any time without notice.

Please send any comments or suggestions to


Safety Tips:

  1. For your safety, please wear the seatbelts. 为了你的安全考虑,请系上安全

  2. Buses will pick up and drop off passengers only at designated stops在指定位置上下车

  3. Before getting off the bus, always check for any belongings you may have left behind 下车前请检查随身物品,防止遗忘。

  4. Please refrain from eating or drinking on the bus 请勿在车厢内饮食。

  5. Please do not tamper with safety equipment on the shuttle bus 请勿擅动车上的安全设施。

  6. For safety reasons, do not occupy the extra seat located beside the driver 在任何情况下,请勿 使用导游座。

  7. Report any suspicious strangers or behaviors on the shuttle buses to Public Safety officers. 欢迎向公共安全部报告任何可疑人物

Service Tips

  • In order to ensure that you arrive on time for classes, you are encouraged to get on the buses arranged for that class period. The seats on the buses are "first come first serve" and you are not allowed to hold seats for others or to let others do this for you. So please plan out your daily routine.
  • In the event of emergencies, such as flood caused by heavy rains, storm, Public Safety will adjust the bus schedule on a case-by-case basis, in consultation with the relevant University departments. And the notice will be sent out via email.
  • During the first month, Public Safety will conduct ridership analysis for every trip, make assessment of the actual operation, and continue to collect feedback from students. Modifications will be made as appropriate. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to email Public Safety at
  • Hard copies of the schedule will be available at all the front desks both in the Academic Building and the Jinqiao Residences. 

Thanks a lot for all of your understanding and support!