Getting Around Campus


At NYU Shanghai students receive support, engage in activities, and participate in a community that they would expect from any other university in the world—except they’ll have China as their campus.

Just minutes away from the Century Avenue academic building, students will find a fully equipped athletic center that all NYU Shanghai students can use.

Beyond the walls of the residence hall are neighborhoods begging to be explored: the dazzling lights of the Bund, the winding labyrinthine passages of Taikang Lu, and the picturesque solitude of the Lujiazui Boardwalk are just some of the places students can spend an afternoon, eat xiaolongbao, and take in the sights and sounds.

And beyond the city limits of Shanghai, the country of China is available: the Great Wall, the Lingyin Temple, the Forbidden City, the Chengdu Panda Reserve, and more. China is, after all, a country with a vast, varying geography and demography and a history that is no longer confined to just the pages of a book, but completely within reach of all NYU Shanghai students.

Residence Hall

Pudong Campus

Zhongbei Campus

Campus Transportation


Take a Virtual Tour! 

Explore the Pudong campus virtually in our 360-degree tour, stopping off at the state-of-the-art auditorium, library, science labs and more. In this tour, you can also visit Jinqiao residence hall and see where students live, or step off campus and see some of the sites of the city that are on our doorstep.