Financial Aid

Financial Aid at NYU Shanghai

NYU Shanghai is committed to providing educational opportunities to all talented students. It is NYU Shanghai’s principle as well as core value to ensure that students’ educations are not limited by their financial hardship. As such, we invite all applicants, regardless of citizenship, to apply for financial aid through NYU Shanghai.

Financial Aid for Applicants Outside of China

Financial aid may take the form of University scholarships, federal aid (for U.S. citizens/official permanent residents of the U.S.), or outside scholarships.  NYU Shanghai considers all students for scholarships regardless of citizenship.

For most undergraduates, eligibility for a merit-based and/or need-based scholarship is determined upon entrance to the University on prior academic strengths and on your demonstrated financial need if you applied for financial aid.  If you wish to be reviewed for need-based institutional funding, you will need to file a Collegeboard CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE (and NonCustodial PROFILE, if applicable) online by our required deadlines.  U.S. citizens/official Permanent Residents also need to complete the FAFSA for aid consideration.  Please review the information on our website under Applying For Financial Aid for more details about the required application(s). 

Financial Aid Filing Deadlines

Early Decision I applicants — November 15
Early Decision II applicants — January 15
Regular Decision applicants — February 15

Returning NYU Shanghai Students — April 1

New York University School Codes

CSS PROFILE school code: 2785
FAFSA federal school code: 002785

For additional financial support questions, please contact:

Returning NYU Shanghai Student Financial Aid Filing Requirements for 2014-15

US citizens or official Permanent Residents

You will need to submit the 2014-2015 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) found at  This federal application is made available as of January 1st for the upcoming academic year and needs to be renewed annually. If your parent(s) have not yet filed their tax returns, please use the best estimates possible to submit the FAFSA by our filing deadline. 

  • Your FAFSA is due by: April 1st for NYUSH scholarship renewal and federal aid consideration.
  • Late FAFSA filers will still be considered for only federal aid if otherwise eligible.
  • NYU's federal school code is: 002785 for New York University

All other students

You will need to submit the 2014-2015 CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE application found at for NYUSH scholarship renewal.  This application is made available as of October 1st for the upcoming academic year and needs to be renewed annually.  If your parent(s) have not yet filed their tax returns in their home country, please use the best estimates possible to submit the PROFILE by our filing deadline. 

  • Your CSS PROFILE is due by: April 1st
  • NYU's CSS school code is: 2785 for New York University

Supporting Financial Documentation

You do not need to submit any financial documents to our office at this time.  We will begin reviewing your financial aid application after April 1st.  At that time if it is determined that we need documentation to verify the information reported on your application, we will email you that request directly to your NYU email address as well as list the requirements on your To-Do list (via ALBERT).

Satisfactory Academic Progress

To be considered for financial aid each year, students must make satisfactory academic progress towards the completion of their degree requirements. Students must earn a passing grade in a minimum of 76 percent of the courses in which they are enrolled each academic year and maintain a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0.



FAQs About Federal Financial Aid

Q. Am I eligible for additional federal funding?

A. Federal aid eligibility starts with completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (the FAFSA).  If you’ve already completed one for the upcoming academic year, the Office of Financial Aid has reviewed your application for additional eligibility. 

If you have not filed a FAFSA and wish to do so, you can apply via You will be asked to identify a school/school code to which you wish to release your data for review. NYU Shanghai's school code is 002785 - the same as NYU in New York. Students should apply as soon as possible. While you can apply during the academic year, if funding is necessary, you are encouraged to file as early as possible and no later than 2 weeks before the end of your final semester for the academic year. 

Q. How often do I have to complete the FAFSA?

A. To be considered for federal financial aid, you will need to complete the form each year after January 1 for the following academic year.  More information will be available when its time to file in the future.

Q. I was awarded a scholarship from NYU Shanghai.  If I’m eligible for federal financial aid, how will this affect my scholarship?

A. In most cases your scholarship will not be affected and, if eligible, the aid will be in addition to the current scholarship amount.

There is an exception – if your NYU Shanghai scholarship plus your Federal Pell Grant (if eligible) exceeds the total Cost of Attendance, the scholarship will be reduced. This is because you would otherwise receive more aid than the cost of attendance. If your scholarship is reduced for this reason, its important to note that you are not losing funding  - you’ll continue to net the same amount of aid, but you will have two sources of aid - one from NYU and one from the Federal Pell Grant (for those who qualify). Combined it will match your final amount of scholarship previously offered and be the amount of the standard cost of attendance. The maximum Pell Grant for which a student may be eligible for the 2013-2014 aid year is $5,645. 

Not all students are eligible for a Federal Pell Grant. If you’re eligible for loans, and have a scholarship, the amount of the scholarship will not be affected.

Q. What other aid may be available to me?

A. You may be eligible for federal student loans and/or federal parent PLUS loans. Amounts will be offered, but you can decide whether you would like to pursue those options. Instructions on how to pursue those loans, as well as detailed information about interest rates, and other loan details will be provided via your “To Do” list on Albert, and you can link to for more information.  Students cannot take out more loans than their total financial aid already offered (i.e. scholarship and/ or Pell Grant) minus the Cost of Attendance (for most NYU Shanghai students, the Cost of Attendance is $56,650 for the academic year).

Q. How do I contact the NYU Shanghai Office of Financial Support?

A. If you have questions or concerns regarding financial support, please contact one of our expert financial aid counselors at

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